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Juliet Hight is a long-time resident of Florida and grew up in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. She attended the University of Alabama, focused her studies on communications, and studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Juliet traveled through Europe, where she discovered a love of Spanish and European cultures. She enjoys meeting new people from diverse backgrounds and providing them with in-depth knowledge of living in Florida.

Juliet has worked in the customer service industry for many years and is highly skilled at selling both homes and condominiums alike. She believes in taking each client’s unique situation into account and listening intently to every need or desire a client may have in order to fulfill their wish of obtaining their ideal property. In addition, Juliet strives to be understanding, helpful, and positive during the exciting and complex time of buying or selling a new property.

When buying or selling property in Florida, Juliet takes pride in welcoming you to the absolute best expert service in the industry with a warm, caring personality to make you feel comfortable throughout the property transaction process.