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As the Managing Partner/Broker Associate of The Sheehan Agency, Amine has a career background in finance and investments with more than 20 years of success in real estate. He lived in Europe for his higher education before moving to Malibu and completing his MBA at Pepperdine University. His experience, international perspective, and fluency in multiple languages have earned him the respect of a powerful network of contacts, a resource he taps into in order to benefit the needs of the clients he represents. His pedigree has enabled him to become a market leader among real estate professionals and groomed him to establish and elevate the company brand to a league of its own. Knowledge and results are the key drivers he consistently instills in his entire company in order to safeguard their clients’ most valuable financial assets. With his business acumen, experience, consistent top performance and astute support team, he draws from a unique company infrastructure. His focus on marketing properties and negotiating sales allows him to obtain maximum values in even the most demanding market conditions. On a personal note, he is dedicated to his wife and two daughters who gracefully occupy his personal time and his entire heart!